About Us

beltONEout is born from an American working heritage.  Founded 2005 in Santa Monica, California, my products are proudly handmade in the USA, sourced from the highest quality full grain leathers and materials.

My passion is scouring the heart of America in search of rare and unique vintage belt buckles. Once paired with customized leather straps by our in-house artisans, no two belts are ever alike. 

I thrive on discovering and collaborating with other designers who pride themselves on creating handmade belt buckles with the savvy consumer in mind, and I offer an original line of belts available exclusively online as well as in high-end boutiques in select cities throughout the U.S. 

As demand has grown, so have my designs, and I now offer an original line of luxe straps paired with hand-distressed wear now belt buckles.

Inspired by the rugged, lived-in character of vintage straps and leatherwork of yesteryear, I pride myself on creating lasting goods that get better with time and age.

*All of my accessories are sweatshop free.

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