Hounds across America

Posted on March 08, 2011 by James Quirk


I created this FACEBOOK page out of my love and compassion for dogs who are at the mercy of their homeless handlers. The homeless have many shelters to clothe and feed themselves but pets must depend on their counterpart to feed them proper food and not discarded items from the trash which may contain chemicals or harmful solids. Please help me to spread the love by donating a bag of dog food/ can(s) of dog food. I will disperse and post pictures of "fed" dogs. If this turns out to be successful, I can eventually drop food to the hundreds of thousands of dog shelters throughout America that are in need..... in YOUR name!
Here is how it works:
-Add "Hounds Across America" to your page's favorites
- "Like" and "Share" page to get the word out
- Donate food and send to:
          James Quirk
8100 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, Ca. 90046
- Check back often for new pic uploads showing the difference you and your furry lovin friends have created
-You will receive special thanks on Hounds across America wall
-You will be entered in drawing to receive a FREE dog collar made by barkONEout
- You will receive a discount code for $40 off for ANY beltONEout belt

Help make a difference today. No donation is too big or too small:)


Posted on April 11, 2010 by James Quirk

Very excited to apply the techinques we have perfected for the belts and now offer them for mans best friend! Being a new dog owner… I became inspired by the different styles of dog collars out there. I realized there was nothing with a real hearty handmade vibe to it. Everything seemed very stale and machine made and lacking true character and personality. This inital launch is something that is definitely going to lead to something much bigger! This is only the beginning….

beltONEout is born......

Posted on February 02, 2010 by Shopify

beltONEout has reached a new level! I never imagined after pounding out belts in a small ass kitchen that it would evolve to take on a life of its own! These belts have adorned family, friends, fans, strangers, and even celebrities such as Alicia Keys, David Chapelle, Jeremy Piven as well as even being featured on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. We hope you enjoy the new things coming with beltONEout such as painted distressed belts and exclusive collaborations with up and coming buckle artists throughout the U.S.
THIS is only the beginning! With your loyal support, we will grow, evolve, and churn out a lot of new exciting belt ideas in the years to come!
Hop on…. let’s go for a ride.


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